June Quilt Block Mania- Snow Hat

June Quilt Block Mania- Snow Hat

This month, we’re kicking things off with a delightful foundation paper piecing (FPP) pattern, the Snow Hat. Perfect for both beginners with a basic understanding of FPP and experienced quilters alike, this charming 12" finished block is sure to bring a cozy winter feel to your quilting projects.
June 03, 2024 — Amanda Harris
May's Desert Cactus- Quilt Block Mania is Here!

May's Desert Cactus- Quilt Block Mania is Here!

I'm excited to share my latest creation with you: the Desert Cactus block for May's Quilt Block Mania.

April 19, 2024 — Amanda Harris
Surf Shop FPP Pattern

Surf Shop FPP Pattern

Hi there! It's time for a FREE FPP block for April's QBM block pattern. I am keeping it cool and San Diego with this little Surf Shop! Growing up in Huntington each, CA, I was surrounded by local surf shops. The treasures one could find in a local surf shop was unbeatable. Ahh, the good ole days. Am I right?

There are 2 fussy cut opportunities here and I can't wait to see what you fill your shop with! Not a beach fan? Omit the top section and this little house can be anything you want it to be. Enjoy.

Click HERE for your Surf Shop FPP Pattern 

 You can also check out the other blocks from the Quilt Block Mania Family the first Tuesday of each month. See below for more. 

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Sun Block Quilt Block by Carolina Moore
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Ocean Sunset
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Sunshiny Days Block by Craftapalooza Designs
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Surf Shop FPP Pattern
Eyes on your Fries

March 15, 2024 — Amanda Harris
March Quilt Mania Blocks are here!

March Quilt Mania Blocks are here!

Juice Box FPP Pattern

Well, I hope it was worth a few days of wait! Here is my FREE FPP pattern this month, Juice Box. Now this one might be a little tricky. I don't write fabric requirements for FPP patterns, as I tend to make the with scraps, however, this pattern needs a lot of background fabric. I happened to have 1/4 yard of black Ruby Star Society "Acroma" fabric that was left over from another project that I used for the background here and it was plenty, so that is my recommendation for background fabric; 1/4 yard or a fat quarter. My second tip for this one is to use contrasting fabrics to "outline" your juice box giving it a more 3 dimensional look. Tip number 3, and you may not like this one....this pattern has a Y seam. I know, I know, but I couldn't get around it and this is a large enough FPP pattern to where it isn't scary. For your Y seam, I recommend tearing out some of your paper before joining those sections together to reduce the bulk. Finally, have fun with this one! There is a 4" 6" opportunity to have some fussy cut fun in the middle of this block. So if there is a bog 'ole fun print that you have been saving for, who knows what, here is your chance! Alternatively, shrink this down 75-50% and get crazy with this fussy cut pieces you've been saving. As always, tag me in your makes so I can share your awesome work!

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February 29, 2024 — Amanda Harris
FPP Pattern image of paintbrushes and pencil

February Quilt Block Mania- Painter's Tools

Get your FREE February FPP block pattern here!
February 06, 2024 — Amanda Harris
I'm bringing back the blog!

I'm bringing back the blog!

I'm bringing back the blog for a few reasons. But today, I have to break the news that our rewards program is likely going away. At least for the time being. This program is not sustainable for me to keep up and is causing more harm than good for the shop. However, those of you who are SDS maker members will still be a part of the rewards program as a perk of your membership. 

So, let's talk about the membership. A lot is changing in this world and the San Diego Sewn Makers Membership is one way stay connected and be able to provide perks for shopping with San Diego Sewn. 

As a member, you will receive: 

  • At least one email monthly with a discount code on regular priced merchandise. 
  • I will pay your shipping one time per month; because let's be honest; there is no such thing as free shipping. 
  • You will periodically get 5" x 5" fabric swatches mailed to your home to help you navigate what is new and what your upcoming projects need!
  • A library of free project and quilt patterns
  • You will get  quilt and project patterns, designed by me for free!
  • I like to draw, paint, and design. As an artist, I will occasionally send you art. It might be a sticker, a phone wallpaper, or an art print. 
  • Access to any tutorials that I create. 
  • Additional discounts, based off of the new rewards program that I am currently working on creating. 
  • Whatever else I can think of that I want to share with all of you!

Are you ready to become a member?

Click here to join

Not ready? That's ok. Stay in touch for more updates by joining the mailing list. 



January 25, 2024 — Amanda Harris
Destress with a coloring page, designed by me~ Charleigh D

Destress with a coloring page, designed by me~ Charleigh D

Everyone experiences stressful moments. Take some time to yourself to re-focus and give yourself the freedom to bloom. 

Life gets busy, and often times we can lose our sense of self while running around taking care of everyone else. So, this is just a little reminder that you are important and are free to be you. So bloom. Do something you love, something you've been wanting to try, something you haven't done in forever. Do it for yourself. The more you love on yourself, the more of that love will pour over others without even trying. 

Take a few minutes to pretty up this coloring page and be still with your thoughts. 

Feel free to share your finished art on social and tag @charleighdotdesigns or @sandiego.sewn and let me know if this brightened your day. 

February 16, 2023 — Amanda Harris
What does Oeko-Tex Certified mean?

What does Oeko-Tex Certified mean?

What is Oeko-Tex certified and why is that important in selecting and buying fabric?
You can make 4 yards of bias tape from a single fat quarter of fabric!

You can make 4 yards of bias tape from a single fat quarter of fabric!

Sure, you can buy your bias tape for your quilt bindings and other projects, but you can make your own just as easily. With a fat quarter of fabric, you can make yards and yards of bias tape! Even better...if you use patterned fabric, this method will ensure your patterns stand out on your bindings. Check it out and give it a try. 
Make your own bias tape- tutorial by Amanda Harris